Tasha and Brenton


How We Met

Tasha and Brenton met in the beautiful island of Bermuda. Their first official introduction came one evening when Tasha was walking through the city with her cousin Tiffany, when they ran into Brenton. He was interviewing people on the street for a local TV Show and ended up interviewing Tasha and Tiffany. The interview captured is something Tasha and Brenton often reminisce over from time to time.

A few months after this encounter, they ran into each other again! This time at a local restaurant and bar called Cafe Cairo. When Tasha first arrived, she happened to walk out onto the patio where she found Brenton. Needless to say, they got to talking and things got interesting. Tasha told Brenton if he could memorise her phone number instead of writing it down she would give it to him. He said yes and Tasha shared the number. Shortly after that of course, Brenton found himself making an excuse to run to the bathroom where he quickly programmed her name and number into his phone – The rest is history!

how they asked

Imagining your life without the person that is your constant, is a life we can’t begin to fathom. I could say Tasha is like my oxygen but even then that would be an understatement to the depth of how I feel about spending the rest of my life with her. I had this idea that I when I decided to propose to Tasha I wanted it to be a memory we could keep forever. Seeing her face light up and hearing those special and precious words escape her lips, that alone was a wondrous dream; yet still back then I needed to make that dream a reality. We were finally going away on a holiday destination from Canada, and heading straight to the Gold Coast Australia. To say the trip down under was nerve wracking would be an understatement.

So when we got to the Gold Coast, I needed to having everything planned, & that’s where I started googling photography/videography companies from all over the Gold Coast. To find the right videographer, I wanted someone that would capture everything! I wanted to look back and see the tears glistening in her eyes, the desire alone to see that smile I adore so much take over as I proposed would be a gift enough alone. Luckily I stumbled upon Rob Bampton from J’adore weddings and film . We got right into the depth of the situation, discussing the ideas and song choices for the future video; as well as a back story on how I could fool my soon to be finance Tasha from finding out her own surprise. Everything was finally falling into place, and the days were counting down, to say the nerves were getting to me would have been an understatement still determination I managed acquire a Hot Air balloon Company at Canungra called the ‘Valley of Owls’.

So the big day was here, with both Tash and I making the trek to Canungra via bus, we got told the unfortunate news upon arrival that the pilots were trying to find a suitable spot to take off. We headed over to Beaudesert to try and find a clear enough location, but coming up with no solutions because of the high wind altitude, we decided to wait until the next day for round 2. Still this wouldn’t stop me, and my plan though shaken up a little, would just be postponed. Again we made the same journey back to Canungra with the morning already setting up to be slightly rainy, and neither of us were feeling hopeful on our great Australian escapade.


Unexpectedly the pilots confirmed we would be taking off regardless, as they had found a clear enough path to take off. As we arrived at our destination, the air balloons filled the whole area up with it’s hues of reds and other vibrant colours, and I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins, would she say yes? I hopped so, still nothing was going to deter me from reaching that moment where I got down on one knee. We were in the air for forty minutes, basking in the Australian morning, while Rob was keeping up his end by theoretically shooting a ‘promotional video’ for the Hot Air company, to which they whole heartedly went along with.


We got to experience a bit of the Gold Coast hinterland, with a side note of the amazing Australian Wildlife just at our fingertips, but time sped up at an unexpectedly rapid pace, and I didn’t have to wait that long as we landed back on soil where Rob quickly set up his camera gear, and I knew it was time to take the plunge.


Tash, Rob and I then headed off to O’Reillys for a champagne breakfast to toast in the good fortune while we went touring around the vineyards, it was more than a blissful moment, and Tash and I get to watch this experience unfold at any moment in time.


These memories that will last a life time, will stay with us forever, just like I hope Tash & I will remain the same.


With so very few and previous months to prepare before November 9, 2016 where we are getting married in Costa Rica, I’m more than glad enough to have Rob back on the team to shoot our wedding. So glad J’adore can be apart of our next adventure.

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