Tash and Chris

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How We Met

17, never had a boyfriend, and shy as ever. I was standing in a circle with 8 of my friends at the PMB Royal show when Chris broke into the circle and confidently asked: “Will you come to a party with me on Saturday?” to which I promptly answered :”No”. The beginning was a “love – hate relationship” – whereby I avoided Chris at every opportunity. Eventually I accepted his friend request on Facebook and would bump into him at every event in the little town of PMB, where I still avoided him. Eventually after many date declines, our run-ins turned into me going out hoping to bump into him – until eventually we started coffer dates – dates and him asking me to “be his girlfriend.”.

how they asked

After a tiring weekend, Chris messages me to say: “15:45pm be ready, I owe you a massage & dinner.” Not thinking anything much of it as it was our anniversary anyway, I hopped into the car and he took me to the very luxurious Simbiosis spa (at Simbithi) where I got spoilt to a back, neck & shoulder massage and to getting my nails done with the view of the ocean. (PERFECT!). (Chris all this time is apparently in the room next door getting a massage himself. GREAT!) … In reality he is at home busy setting up for the BIG proposal Times up. I feel relaxed and totally pampered and Chris and I leave. I now have disposable slops on as I had a Pedi too. So I beg Chris to please take me home so that I can grab a pair of shoes before dinner (I promise to be quick). WELL…. as we pull up into the driveway, I see a torch… a little suspect I say: “Uhm, whats that at the front door”… to which he replies: “Oh dear, the domestic must’ve dropped a light on her way out.” Approaching the door, I pick up a neatly folded tie (blindfold) and a letter… I begin to open the letter and read it which leads me inside the house onto the patio. I undo my blindfold to begin the next letter… I now know – the day I have been dreaming of…. I look up at Chris and see the tears strolling down his cheeks and I cannot contain my emotion… HAPPY – ELATED -OVER WHELMED. With the instruction, I look over my shoulder to see the words “MARRY ME”….”NO WAYS!” – how do you surprise an events planner and pull it off so well (was what was running through my head). YES YES YES!!!! Happiest day xoxoxo

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 | Photoshoot before engagement