Taryn and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I met in college at the local bar. Classic, right? BUT what makes it special is that it was my 23rd birthday and at that point, I had no intention of being with any sort of man for a while! I had gotten out of a toxic relationship before him and had really written off men in general and then….this guy, a baseball player who was two years younger than me buys me a shot for my bday! I remember joking and flirting with him but didn’t think much of it. We were inseparable the whole first night and then we just kept talking!

Proposal Ideas Old Mattress Factory, downtown Omaha

First on Instagram and then I finally got his number. He made the excuse that he “needed” help to make this iMovie so I should come over. I did and I was hooked! I couldn’t believe how fast I was falling. So many logical things were floating around in my head….”I’m moving 6 hours away in 4 months” or “he’s two years younger. There’s no way this will work.” “He’s not actually serious, right?” But he was!! He blew me away with his maturity and openness. There were no games with him. After about a month, I knew I’d marry him. He’s the best person I’ve ever met. He’s respectful and treats others with love and kindness. He’s sensitive but strong and every day I have to pinch myself because sometimes I can’t believe he’s real!

Where to Propose in Old Mattress Factory, downtown Omaha

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Old Mattress Factory, downtown Omaha

How They Asked

It was a normal Tuesday night. My photographer and new friend, Erin plus my college friend, Sierra had planned to have a dinner date with me for about a month, which wasn’t suspicious because we’re all busy people. So anyway, we were texting and I remember them saying we’re getting burgers at the Old Matt and I was down. Sierra also said she was going to dress up a bit because she hadn’t in a while and Erin said she was meeting with clients before, so she’d look nicer too. I figured I should sort of dress up as well, so I did!

Taryn's Proposal in Old Mattress Factory, downtown Omaha

After a drink at the first bar, we went to Old Matt. Erin said her friend was on a blind date & she was the emergency contact, so if she needed to step away for a phone call that was why! Really, she was calling Kyle and heading upstairs to make sure her camera was ready to go! I didn’t think anything of it. We sat at the bar and the Old Matt’s manager was there. I was telling Sierra that I’ve always wanted to check out the upstairs venue because I knew I’d marry Kyle eventually and I should probably start looking at venues in the area, right?

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Old Mattress Factory, downtown Omaha

Erin prompted the manager and asked if we could check it out. Right away, the manager said yes! I was so pumped to look at it and take videos to show Kyle later. Sierra was behind me walking up the stairs and I remember her being fidgety. Now I know why! I opened the door and BAM there he was waiting for me at the end of a candlelit, rose-petaled aisle. It was absolutely magical. I remember my heart stopping and in all honestly, everything’s a bit of a blur. My adrenaline was pumping out of control. Almost to the point where I couldn’t even cry, because I was so happy & excited!

There was music playing in the background, he eloquently spoke to me about how he knew from the start that I was the one and then he proposed. I said YES! We hugged and kissed. I actually forgot about the ring for a second and then he finally put it on. Exceeded all my wildest expectations, but honestly, his whole proposal was more impressive than anything else. We danced and then ate an intimate dinner that he had set up on the corner of the room. I barely could eat I was so excited! We FaceTimed family and I can officially say, it was the most amazing thing anyone has ever planned for me! I can’t wait for forever with Kyle. His proposal swept me off my feet and I know he will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.

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