Taryn and Jarred

Taryn and Jarred's Engagement in Gardens of Versailles (Versailles, Paris, France)

How We Met

Jarred and I met in October 2014 through mutual friends — my BFF college roommate is engaged to his high school BFF; one day they realized that each has a friend for the other that would be perfect match, and concocted a scheme for us four to get together one night under false pretenses at a bar on the west side. Jarred and I hit it off right away and we’ve been together since that day. Six months later we got a new apartment in Queens, brought along his puppy, and now we are engaged to be married!

how they asked

Over the summer we booked a vacation to Europe to take place in October, and Jarred decided he wanted to use this trip for an extra special proposal! He enlisted a local photographer that specializes in surprise engagements help to plan/capture a proposal at the Palace of Versailles early in the morning, shortly before the crowds begin to enter. Funny — it was raining early that morning! I couldn’t understand why we had to be the first ones at the palace, why we couldn’t stop for a quick pastry, and why we were power-walking there in the rain! Most notably, I couldn’t understand why we were walking so far down into the Garden grounds in the rain instead of getting on the queue to go inside the Palace! Afterwards, Jarred said “I planned out every little detail, but one thing I can’t plan is the weather!” In retrospect I am SO glad it was raining; the morning dew in the photographs is something that cannot be replicated, and my wet hair + his muddy knee is something we’ll never forget!

Taryn's Proposal in Gardens of Versailles (Versailles, Paris, France)

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Gardens of Versailles (Versailles, Paris, France)

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