Taruni and Nate

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How We Met

I had just graduated college, and started my first job. He happened to be a part of my training class, and we were both new in the environment. He was very vocal during class, answering all the trainer’s questions, and volunteering to help. One day, I said something sarcastic to him from across the room just to make him laugh.And he hasn’t left me alone since then (lol). He was very persistent in his pursuit, and I finally gave in for a date after a few weeks of heavy flirting in our training class. Since the first time we hung out, we have literally been inseparable. We got lunch together at work every single day for almost two years, until one of us moved on from the company to something else. Needless to say, we were inseparable outside of work lunches as well lol.

how they asked

For the first time since we met, we were both about to leave our home in Detroit and live a couple hundred miles apart from each other. We wanted to go back to school, and were accepted to programs three hours away from each other. I was in New York for a family vacation, and he told me he wanted to go on a road trip to Toronto since we had never been there together. It was a pleasant surprise for me because I’m the one who usually plans our vacations (I’m the planner, he’s the executer lol). I got back to our home in Detroit, and we left for Toronto the next morning. He was very eager, and had planned every detail for the trip. Our road trip was fun, and once we got to the hotel, he told me to dress up for dinner. I’m crazy about amazing city views, and was so excited when he brought us to the 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower. I was raving over the amazing city and lake views and was in completely awe over how amazing the restaurant was. Right when our dinner came, he stopped me and said “I want this to be our first meal together as fiancées”.

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He told me to stand and got on one knee, said he wanted to solidify our commitment before we have to spend some time apart, and this will keep us both focused on our vision. He asked me to be his forever, and of course I said yes!!

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