Tarryn and Jake

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How We Met

Tarryn and I met at camp when we were 14 years old.

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From the moment we met, a spark was lit, and we began dating only a few months later. Although we attended different high schools, we managed to stay together through high school, and later attended the same university where we remained together.

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how they asked

Having traveled to Iceland only a few years prior, I knew that it would be the perfect place to take the largest leap of my life. Once our trip was booked for Iceland, I began planning the elaborate day where I would finally ask the girl of my dreams to marry me. After spending over 6 months putting together this special day, August 7th, 2017 finally arrived. I expected to feel nervous and restless, but in fact, I only felt confident and excited, as I had never doubted that Tarryn was the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Given Tarryn’s ability to read me, as well as her knack for uncovering secrets, I knew that I would have to consider every detail for this proposal to actually surprise her. The day began at 6:00 AM for me, as I needed to ensure that I was awake and prepared before Tarryn (who is generally up extremely early) was awake. I slipped out of our AirBnB bedroom to get ready in the bathroom, and with the help of two of my best friends (shout out to Lindsay and Ben), we were able to convince Tarryn that I had to leave the AirBnB to drive Ben to a pharmacy for a medical issue.

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Once I left the Airbnb, I was counting on Lindsay to hand Tarryn a letter that I had written, notifying Tarryn that there was clothing, makeup, etc. to put on and to meet me in 1-hour outside of our Airbnb. Tarryn, confused as to why she would need a beautiful dress, makeup, and heels in Iceland of all places, followed the written details and met me outside of our place exactly 1hour later. Fast forward 15 minutes, Tarryn and I are walking on an airport runway with a pilot and another woman with a knapsack (undercover photographer). Tarryn is so shocked at this point, her mind is running and is unable to quite contemplate what is actually happening.

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Fast forward again through a wonderful 30-minute helicopter ride over Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik, and we are suddenly standing on top of one of the largest mountains surrounding Reykjavik. After taking in the most incredible views, I take the opportunity to get down on one knee and ask Tarryn the most important question I will ever ask her… “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I could sense her heart had dropped, and I can honestly say that although I have never believed in the concept that you can see someone’s happiness through their eyes, Tarryn’s eyes were as bright as I have ever seen them, and I could truly see the happiness exploding through her eyes when she smiled at me and said “YES”.

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After many hugs and kisses, the pilot came to us with glasses of champagne to celebrate one of the most important milestones in both of our lives. If that wasn’t enough, fast forward another 45 minutes, and Tarryn and I are stepping out of a 4×4 truck with our newly discovered photographer, and we are guided through a maze of rocks and trees into this pristine cave loaded with picnic essentials (blankets, food, and beverages) with a lookout onto a bay. The perfect way to end the day full of adventures, relaxing in a cave, eating and drinking, as we listen to the waves swoosh by.

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Special Thanks

Ann Peters
 | Planner and Photographer