Tarlon and Shaya

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How We Met

We swiped right! We talked for a week on tinder before we made plans to go on our first date at a Greek restaurant close to both of our homes. The night before at dinner with one of my best friends I was complaining about how I didn’t want to go and that I was probably going to bail. When I showed her his picture she screamed, “omg that’s Shaya!!!! I love Shaya! You have to go out with him! He’s the sweetest man in the world!” I’m so incredibly happy I went to dinner with her that night because the next day I went on my last first day ever.

how they asked

I was told we were going to his moms birthday lunch at pelican hill. He put on his favorite shirt (long sleeve in 90-degree weather) so I immediately changed into something nice (thank god). We got there and he said his family was running late. He told me he wanted to show me this new place he found on the pelican hill grounds. That’s when I knew he was gonna propose LOL. He covered my eyes and when I opened them our families were at the end of an aisle holding up a MARRY ME sign and I died.

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