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Tarina's Proposal in Paris, France

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Visar and I have been together for 12 years. He just graduated medical school so we decided to go on a Eurotrip. We both love to travel and I was really hoping that he would take this opportunity to purpose! Getting a photo shoot at the Trocadero in Paris has been on my bucket list. I told Visar this when we were planning the trip and he told me absolutely not! We take our own pictures with a good camera and we had already spent a good amount on the trip, it wasn’t necessary to him. However, I was determined to get this photo shoot. So I pretended to book it on my own. After telling Visar this he immediately admitted that he had already booked one. I always ruin every surprise. Anywho.. I thought this was it, he booked the photo shoot, he was going to purpose! I tried not to think much of it besides ensuring I had a good outfit and manicure.

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Now, we have been together for a long time (12 years and counting) so you really get to know a person. The day of travel I was looking for signs of the ring, how would he transport it, would he be nervous etc. He was being completely normal while we traveled, his carry on was just a small backpack. So I thought that was a little weird. As we arrived at our first destination (London, U.K) we got upgraded to a suite! The man at the front desk congratulated us on our anniversary (which it was not) however, I went along with it. Our room was beautiful and big, but the safe didn’t work. We called down to the front desk and even though they tried twice, they couldn’t fix it. So I imagined we would change rooms immediately (ya, know because he had the ring!). To my disappointment, Visar said it’s okay we can just stay here, we don’t have anything too valuable and it’s only a few nights.

My heart sank, nothing too valuable? What about the ring?! I was still convinced, he knows me, maybe he was trying to throw me off. So I didn’t give up, I offered to unpack for him, he says sure go ahead, shoot, that didn’t work. So I said okay, what about your backpack need that unpacked too? And again he replied sure! Of course, he knew I was only trying to snoop and I didn’t even end up unpacking. My dreams were crushed. I brought it up to him that night at dinner and he apologized. He said that he didn’t have a ring yet and not to worry I would be very happy when it happens because he did have a plan. So after a few deep breaths, and a tear or two, I put my big girl pants on and reminded myself that we were in Europe! There’s nothing to be sad about. I have already waited this long, I can wait a little while longer.

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We went along our trip as normal. When we got to Paris the photo shoot was on our first full day there. Now, because I ruined the surprise of the shoot, my sister and him plotted to find a funky photographer to throw me off. The photographer was not my style at all, but he did it on his own so I was ready to grin and bear it. A small part of me still was hoping that he had just threw me off about not having the ring. But he was being completely normal that morning, not acting nervous or different at all. We get to Trocadero and I was complaining that the photographer was late and we should have just booked who I had originally wanted. The pictures were going to come out weird and so on. He assured me that HE would be here soon. My fiancé is very sarcastic and jokes around a lot. He has called me my fiancé when we weren’t engaged and says to hotels that we was going to purpose that night we needed a room or that it was our anniversary (remember London) to get upgrades etc.

So, we are still waiting and waiting and I’m getting more impatient. He decides to ask a women that walked up next to us to take our picture with our phone. She took our picture and we went back to waiting. He then suddenly grabs my arms and whips me around to face him. He starts by saying that the time we have spent in Paris has been so great, I reply with, we just got here last night what are you talking about? He says I know but it’s time we get married, being here and the time we’ve spent in Paris, we have to get married. I was very confused so I reply, but you don’t have a ring, we just got here! He says, yes, I do have a ring.

What?! Wait, where’s the photographer? Why wouldn’t you wait for the photographer? He said he didn’t care he felt the moment, and he needed to ask me now. I then realized that I didn’t care either. He pulled out the box from his jacket, got down on one knee and asked me if I would to be his wife, to marry him! I shed a few tears and a few you tricked me’s after saying yes! I had forgotten all about the photographer. Then the women that we asked to take our pictures approached us. SHE says congratulations, I’m your photographer. My sister and him had thrown me off again and gave me a fake photographer. The photographer was a girl and her style was not weird at all. It was perfect. It was the second best surprise!

Tarina and Visar's Engagement in Paris, France

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