Tara and Trevor

How We Met

How could a man from Washington and a woman from Virginia end up falling in love you ask? Technology of course! I was home from college and Trevor was stationed at Naval Station Norfolk when the two of us matched on Tinder. We hit it off instantly while messaging each other. After six weeks of texting and hour long phone calls while Trevor was in Charleston for work, we decided it was finally time to meet face to face! We met for drinks at HK On the Bay (the Chesapeake Bay!). There was no denying the connection and we began dating exclusively. The rest is history!

Image 1 of Tara and Trevor

how they asked

Knowing he wanted to propose, Trevor convinced me that coming to Paris in December was a wonderful idea. It would give us a chance to explore Europe together while I used my French language skills, as well as give my parents an opportunity to bond with him more since they were included in the trip as well. With airline tickets and an apartment booked, the trip came to an abrupt halt when a terrorist attack occurred in Paris just two weeks before they were scheduled to arrive. With some quick thinking and a change of leave dates, Trevor was able to get home to Virginia the day after Thanksgiving.

With his plans of proposing at Disneyland Paris out the window, not being able to formally ask my dad until the day after we’d gone to Christmas Town in Williamsburg and the backup of a waterfront proposal squashed by bad weather, Trevor decided to get me as close to Disney as possible by setting up a Disney movie marathon. Snuggled up watching The Jungle Book, we paused the movie for me to let Roxy (our beloved pit bull) outside. After wrangling that dog, I walked in to Trevor on his knee saying, ” This is the closest I could get you to Disney. Will you marry me?” I said “YES!”

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Image 3 of Tara and Trevor

Special Thanks

Paula Fuss
 | Family Portrait Photographer