Tara and Trevor

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How We Met

Trevor and I met as kids growing up in church. We use to play after church outside and participated in many different activities together. When we started high school, he went away for most of our high school years and when he came back his senior year we became inseparable as friends. As we started to hang out again with each other, a different type of feeling filled me. I knew I wanted to be with him the rest of my life. I decided to ask him when was he going to ask me out? And the very next day, we were official.

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how they asked

May 17, 2018 we were celebrating five years together. It was his year to plan our anniversary so he decided to take us to Hoboken. As we were walking, Trevor said he wanted to go to the very same place we took our first anniversary photo. As we made it to the park that overlooked New York, he began to tell me that he loved me. He took a book out of his pocket and wanted me to read it and it was reasons why he loved me. As I started to read, I couldn’t help but shed a few tears as it had already been an emotional day. As I neared the end of the book, he said to me that the last page was very important and at the same time I flipped the page, he got down on one knee and began to tell me why he wants me to be his wife. I could barely keep my composure but I was able to get a yes out to accept his proposal.

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