Tara and Steven

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How We Met

We met through friends when I was still in high school. Steven is 4 years older than me, but I remember looking at his MySpace thinking how cute he is. Fast forward 10+ years and I’m engaged to the man of my dreams.

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How They Asked

I had won a photoshoot and secretly started planning with our photographer. She asked us to stand with our backs to one another and close our eyes and think of our favorite thing about each other and on the count of three turns around and yell that thing.

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Well, I turned around and he was on one knee I just cried, it was uncontrollable. It felt like I was dreaming. We had been together for almost 8 years. I couldn’t believe the best day of my life was happening.

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He started crying so needless to say he actually never got to ask me to marry him. Lol, I am so thankful we have these photos to look back on these moments. Our photographer captured them perfectly. She was even crying during the proposal!

Special Thanks

Jordan Cassidy
 | Photographer