Tara and Ricky

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How We Met

Ricky and I have been dating for 8 years on June 8th. We met in January of 2009, while working as cocktail servers at the Improv Comedy Club in San Jose. I had worked there for a year while I was attending college, and decided to take the month of December off. When I came back in January, Ricky had been there for a month now. The first day we met, we were walking into the building at the same time to clock in for our shift. It was just me and him. As we stood side-by-side to clock-in, I was thinking to myself, why won’t this good-looking guy say hello to me?? I decided to be bold and cute…I turned to him with the biggest smile and said, “Hi! My name is Tara.” The rest was history…

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how they asked

One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is chop down our Christmas tree. On Sunday, December 4th, Ricky took me to Santa’s Tree Farm & Village in Half Moon Bay. We set out to find the perfect tree, but all the trees were disappointing! The majority of them were dead and bare, or just too small. I was determined to find a tree…I finally found one that was decent after 20 minutes or so. I love cutting it down myself, so I asked Ricky to hold the tree, while I took an electric saw to it. I was chopping away for a good 15-20 seconds, before I realized, Ricky was down on one knee, holding a box.

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Ricky asked me to marry him and I asked, “…are you serious…?” Haha! The next 30 seconds were all a blur. As we both cried, tears filled with joy, Ricky asked again and I said yes! Ricky, who was excited but also nervous, handed me the ring. I said, “Babe…you need to put it on my finger…” he grabbed my right hand and I whispered, “The other one…” Then, popped out my younger sister, hiding behind a tree. I was so surprised to see her and her husband, who was taking pictures of us the entire time. Ricky suggested that we all go out and celebrate. Funny side note: The saw was still halfway in the tree, and we did not go home with one that day. It’s okay because we got a beautiful tree the next day! : )

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As we approached the restaurant, we saw a group of people waiting. My sister says, “I hope those people aren’t waiting for a table…” Ricky yells out, “Hey people, are you waiting for a table??” I was mortified. I asked Ricky to stop yelling at random people. Little did I know…All of our friends and families from all over were waiting to congratulate us.

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Ricky arranged a surprise celebratory party. I’m so thankful to be marrying my best friend, who I love with all my heart. Clearly, he loves me a whole lot too.

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