Tara and Raymond

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How We Met

We met on bumble, like a needle in a haystack we found each other. I quickly knew he was something special. We just clicked. He’s my better half and I, his. Similar in so many ways yet different enough that we balance one another out. We naturally formed the most amazing love that I know many dreams of finding, and not a day goes by where I am not thankful that I have found my soulmate.

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How They Asked

He acted totally cool the entire day! (He still doesn’t know how he did that). We went to go watch the football game for a little and then go for a walk on the Highline. Well little did I know while stuffing my face with tortilla chips and guac at the bar, that in less than an hour my entire world would change. Ray had a photographer secretly following us to capture the moment.

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When we got on the Highline we walked to the viewing window on 10th and 17th and decided to take a good old selfie. When I went to put my mask back on he grabbed my hand and that’s when I knew! The tear in his eye gave it away and he got down on one knee!! After hours of screaming happy screams and tears, he surprised me with our parents and siblings at dinner!

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