Tara and Peter

How They Asked

It was on Saturday after my work holiday party. I was a little hungover, to say the least. Peter was adamant about heading into the city (even with a snowstorm coming) and doing some Christmas shopping. After we did some shopping on Newbury St, he told me he wanted to check out the tree at the Boston Common. As we walked to the common, the snow began to come down. We got up to the tree and as I was trying to capture a picture, I turned around to Peter down on one knee. Little did I know, my best friend who I hadn’t seen in 3 years was shooting photos of us. I can’t remember if I was more shocked at the proposal or the fact that she was here in Boston!!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Boston Common

Peter and I met in college and we’ve been dating for 7 years now. He came into my life when I needed him the most. Every day I think, how did I get so lucky? I am so excited to marry my best friend in just over 8 months.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Boston Common