Tara and Nathaniel

Tara and Nathaniel's Engagement in 1st time 4th July during fireworks, 2nd time our home, 3rd time our home on my 30th birthday with great grandmother's ring

How We Met

Our Story begins April 2007. I was a senior in high school and had signed up to join our local fire department. He had already graduated from high school In 05 from wv and moved to Maryland to be with his family. He also helped coach my school’s football team, but that’s not where we met. We met when I had gotten accepted into the fire depart. Our chief had told him since I was new to show me around and teach me where things were and how things went around there. We quickly grew a friendship, I love the way he could make me smile and laugh and I slowly grew a crush. Over time while going over the engine and learning where tool where we began goofy/flirty conversations and fell more by the minute as this was my first love happy feeling. Well a few days passed and the feelings and talks grew stronger until April 10th 2007.(ps top right picture is the proposal picture

How They Asked

April 10th, 2007 a day I will never forget. We were sitting in the lounge spending time together before my curfew ended and had to return home for the night, out of know where he randomly leaves the room then returns holding something behind his arms. It was one of those 1lb chocolate eggs that you get from bake sales at Easter time. He smiles and holds it out of the front of me and asked me out by saying that chocolate was the way to every woman’s heart. Obviously I had said yes and our lives only grew from there. I can’t even begin to thank him for his love and support helping and watching me finish high school and watching me graduate. I know it had to be hard and awkward at the time dating someone who was still in school and had a curfew, but he knew love and respected that and knew before asking me out which truly meant the world to me as that’s rare anymore. July 4th, 2009 is another day I will never forget. It was the day he proposed. We were watching fireworks together (which is now a yearly tradition) and I was sitting there recording the fireworks and snapping away taking pictures like I always do well in on the pictures I noticed him smiling and holding something so I turned around to see him holding the ring and asked me to marry him. We moved in together on my 18th birthday and have never been apart since he’s truly my best friend and couldn’t imagine my life without him or his love for me in it. I am truly blessed. Throughout time we just spend time growing as one and truly discovering one another and letting our love grow. In June of 2009 we knew our lives were about to change forever, not only did we find out we were expecting but I was four months along was able to receive the news we would be welcoming our first child into the world a little girl. She was born September 09 it was a fun and risky pregnancy, to say the least, I had a 14 days (Yes DAYS) labor in two different states, she was hours away from being born a WV,but they had released me saying it wasn’t time yet, so we went and had my baby shower while returning home and putting things away. I guess she realized she had her party and was ready to come and we welcomed our first child into the world (who’s now our social butterfly, fashion diva, soccer player & singer) . Over time we grew as a family as three we ended up trying our luck at life back in his home town in WV.

Tara's Proposal in 1st time 4th July during fireworks, 2nd time our home, 3rd time our home on my 30th birthday with great grandmother's ring

On September 15th, 2011 he re-proposed & we started planning for a wedding on the same date we met so we planned a wedding for april 10th 2012, it was everything I had imagined I went with black and white elegant them our song was to God gave me you by blake Shelton, I prepared and get everything planned and ready for the wedding. On October 26th 2011 we get the news that we will be expecting our 2nd child, (our now 7year old boy thats full of adventure and a soccer player as well wich means this mama’s had to learn really fast as I always dreamed of being a mama but not a soccermama but totally rocking and representing it.) Once we had him, we ended up moving due him getting a job offer that was too good to pass up so we packed the family up and moved to Pennsylvania but was short live, we realized it wasn’t us and what we’re searching and dreaming for so after a year we decided to return back to Maryland. We continue life same as always growing daily now as a family of four. On August 12th 2014 on my birthday he surprised me by taking me to the court house to apply for our marriage license,it was official and was gonna start planning again,until we realized we quite wasn’t going to be able to financially so we but things off on hold. We continue to grow and by this point already felt and seemed if we were married we had everything thing we wanted and dreamed of and I mean technically if Maryland had a common-law marriage we already would be considered married as we feel so never really rushed a wedding or talked about it anymore and continued through life as we are happily in love with no title. Until August 12th, 2019 on my 30th birthday I got a present like no other, I got handed down my great grandmother peridot ring necklace and earrings (her & I were only August babies in our family) So after a well enjoyed 30th birthday with everyone who means the world to me later on that evening he proposed again with my great grandmother’s ring and glade to announce that we OFFICIALLY have a date. 06/06/2020. Xoxo, Soon to be. Mrs.Huff