Tara and Matt

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How We Met

Matt is my best friend and my better half. I think our love for the outdoors and adventure has brought us together. We do everything from summiting mountains, rock climbing to fly fishing together.

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He is my soul mate. I am so thankful that we were lucky enough to find each other.

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And I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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how they asked

We were visiting Oregon for the weekend from California for an interview I had for a graduate school. So needless to say I was a nervous wreck the whole trip. After spending the entire day on Saturday in interviews, we decided that we would explore all day Sunday.

On Sunday we woke up quite early for a morning hike to a hidden waterfall we researched, little did I know Matthew had been planning a big surprise for me. We drove an hour outside of Portland and another hour down a bumpy, windy dirt road. When we get to the trail head there were these two guys packing their things for the hike down to the waterfall. So we start talking to them about the hike because it was our first time there and did not know the trail yet.

As all four of us start the trail, they began to tell us they were photographers here in Oregon and are leaving to England next week. Matt grew up in England so instantly they were deep in conversation. They were asking Matthew all the local tips, places etc for their trip. (And during their conversation Matthew whispered to one of them his plan) At this point we’ve started the hike and it was fairly strenuous and included rappelling down fixed ropes, climbing under fallen trees and scrambling over rocks along the river.

When we finally reach the end of the trail and there is the enormous beautiful waterfall. The 2 guys immediately start setting up their camera rigs while Matt and I are standing in awe of the waterfall. After a few minutes go by Matthew runs over to one of the photographers and hands him his phone to snap a photo of us. He tells me to come stand in front of the waterfall for a quick photo. He knows I never like to ask people to take photos of us when we are visiting places. So a little embarrassed I’m thinking ok lets hurry up and get this photo over with. As we are standing there and I’m getting in to position facing the camera Matt starts turning me towards him.

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And Im leaning over the other way confused on why he wants me to move and when I start turning around to ask him whats going on? He turns to me and tells me he loves me more than anything in this world and I am his best friend (in my head I’m like Matthew this man is standing there with your phone lets get the photo over with haha). And all of a sudden he gets down on one knee and pulls this little yellow ring box out of his pocket.

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I’m standing in jeans and hiking boots covered in mud and in complete shock! I could not hold back the tears for one moment. And then he asked me to marry him! It was absolutely the most beautiful moment and I am so thankful the photographers just so happened to be hiking to the same waterfall that day to capture the moment for us!

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