Tara and Kris

how we met

Kris and I met online from Match.com (yes that site really does work haha)

how they asked

I have always wanted Kris to propose as I’m sure 99.9% of women do with their partner. I would always joke with him about a ring and he always said “no we’re too poor”. I had a feeling he would do it after our 2 year anniversary (at the time we were just shy of 2 years of dating), so you can bet from that day on I was going to have my face on and my nails done to be prepared! Well, Kris proposed to me the day we closed on our very first home in January 2019. We showed up to do our walk through and my realtor asked if we wanted a picture now or later. I didn’t think twice about her asking but I said after so we can go through the house fast and take the picture at the end before signing. When we were all finished, we stood in the front yard as our realtor took our picture and Kris turns to me and says “Well, I guess we should make this official.” My response was looking at him weird followed by a “What?”. He then got down on one knee (in the snow , that’s commitment haha) and asked if I would marry him. In shock and staring at him with the ring , my response was “I thought you said we were poor!” I then proceeded to say yes. Little did I know my realtor was not only recording the entire thing and not taking a picture but she knew the whole time he was going to propose . He emailed her the night before to get her in on it and that’s when it clicked why she asked if I wanted a picture before or after the walk through! That day I was on cloud 9 and still a story I love to tell over and over !

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