Tara and Jon

How we met

Jonathan and I met back in college through Greek life. I had just rushed a sorority and was eager to go to my first date function so a mutual friend reached out to set us up on a blind date. A few days before the actual event, I met Jonathan out at a bar he was working at at the time. When my friend pointed out who he was, I remember thinking to myself that he was one of the most handsome men I have ever seen *I’m a sucker for dimpled chins* I introduced myself and he was so sweet and funny which automatically made me even more nervous. We had a great time at the actual “grab-a-date” and he continuously bought me pizza and beer-as if I couldn’t like him anymore. I went in for the kill and kissed him when he dropped me off that night and then instantly hated myself when I didn’t hear from him the next day…or the day after that. I had honestly given up hope that I would hear from him so when I saw his name pop up on my phone during class, I smiled like an idiot the whole rest of the lecture. 5 years later and he still buys me pizza and beer so I am one happy fiancé.

how they asked

Knowing that Tara does not like a lot of attention on her, I knew that whichever way I chose to ask her to marry me, it had to be in a rather personal setting. I have always appreciated the moments where it was just her and I alone out somewhere beautiful, so I knew that I wanted to ask her in a place where we were able to have that experience. I had so many different ideas for how to ask her, but there seemed to be only one way to incorporate her mom being there which I knew was very important to Val to be a part of it. Looking back, I tried my best to play this whole thing down in my head to avert from my eminent nervousness. Truth is, there isn’t a whole lot Tara can’t see into, so I don’t know if I ever even had a chance at a total surprise unless I asked her in a very public place. I opted to ask her outside one morning up in the Blue Ridge mountains at an overlook behind this very old hotel. There were people around, so I did my absolute best to sell her on the fact that I wanted to have a “bad” serious conversation just her and I down a ways from everyone; she of course saw right through that. So here we are, standing at this overlook and I am trying to make it seem like asking her to marry me is that last thing I was going to do. All the while, I could see it all over her face that she knew it was coming. I got so incredibly nervous that I fell to one knee and asked quickly. I even started to put the ring on her finger/wrong hand before she could even say “yes.” It was a beautiful disaster. Needless to say, she still loves me and wants to get married to me, so I must be doing something right!

Special Thanks