Tara and John

How We Met:

John and I met at a photoshoot for his company, Johnny Fly. 3 years ago, I was trying to get into the modeling industry, and I knew of him in the area, and knew that he had started his wooden sunglass line. I messaged him about possibly doing a shoot for his company and he politely agreed. I went to the shoot and there was this gorgeous man, with Taking Back Sunday playing on the set, and my heart was sold. I actually asked him out about 3-4 times before he ever agreed!!

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how they asked:

So, I know I am completely biased, but our engagement was so perfect. He spent months finding the perfect spot and getting everything & everyone put together.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon and we had planned this epic photo-shoot with our good friend JT, at an old mill. We really needed some female shots of the new Johnny Fly Crafted Leather Collection (Available here) so I was forced into getting some shots of me with a few of the bags. First off, JT pulled it off like a champ. He was shooting me in this STUNNING mill that “his friend owned” and totally acted like he knew every square foot of the place. John leaves JT and I to go to the restroom and JT takes me around to get a few more shots. There are some really cool windows in a room above us, so we make our way up the stairs. JT opens the door. There are rose petals. My heart stops. I turn to find a runway of lights and petals, leading to a circle, with the love of my life standing in the middle of the most magical, dreamy room that I have ever seen. [insert: ugly crying face]

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I zoned into only him, not even realizing that our friends Garrett and Chad are also there photographing and videoing the entire moment, along with JT.
We started our relationship at a photo-shoot, and we began the rest of our lives together at a photo-shoot. It was perfect.

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After all the crying, laughing and overall overwhelmingness (is that even a word? My computer says its not. I disagree.) we get in the car and drive to our favorite dinner spot downtown, 5church, where both of our family and friends are waiting for us to celebrate.

To be honest, he could have pulled over on the expressway and asked to marry me…like my dad did to my mom…and I would have been completely okay with that. But he really out did himself on this one. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day.

So there is our continuing love story! I’m sure there will be plenty more blog posts relating to wedding’s and all the fun/stress involved in the planning process.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Jonathan Ryan Taylor - Charlotte, NC
 | Photographer
Chad Smith - Charlotte, NC
 | Videographer