Tara and Joey

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How We Met

Joey and I met on my 24th birthday by chance. I wasn’t planning on even going out that night and he came out to see my friend who was in town for my birthday. He remembers I was wearing a “stupid” birthday crown.

We began dating shortly after.

how they asked

Fast forward 3 years and we were on vacation in St. Augustine Beach. We went down to the beach one evening to watch the sunset and take some “selfies”. On the way there, I casually spilled red wine on my shirt and Joey asked if I wanted to go back up and change. I said, “Nah! It’ll be fine!” Not thinking anything of it…

We sat on a towel and took a few pictures. I commented on this “stupid photographer taking pictures of some guy” in the background of our photos. Then Joey asked if I wanted surprise. He told me to close my eyes and he gave me a kiss. Then he asked if I wanted a real surprise…I closed my eyes again, when I opened them, he was down on one knee with an unopened box in his hands. I see the photographer turn towards us. He opened the box and I saw my dream ring from my dream man.

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After putting the ring on my finger, lots of hugging, kissing, and crying, he asked, “So, is that a yes?”

DUH. This was my dream proposal, dream ring, and the best part about it- I had never told him ANY of those things. He didn’t ask any of my friends. He did it all on his own- everything. He even asked my dad’s permission and did it Mother’s Day weekend when we’d be visiting my parents so we could celebrate with them. I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect proposal from my most perfect man.

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Special Thanks

Alondra Vega
 | Photographer