Tara and Joe

Where to Propose in In our neighborhood park

How We Met

We met on the romantic shores of Lake Havasu, Az (lol) for college spring break!

how they asked

It was his birthday and we were going to his birthday dinner that night all his friends were invited. I am in the wedding business so I was rushing home after a huge wedding to change for the dinner. On the was to the dinner he stopped at the park by our house, my wonderful friends and family and my work had decorated the park up so cute with candles and flowers and walked walked me down the path and said some sweet who knows what’s because I was so nervous I barely heard a word! As my rarely worn non waterproof mascara rolled down my face! After I think I said yes all my friends and family cane running out from behind a some giant bushes and I had no idea they’d been there! A professional photographer industry friend captured the whole thing and then a random neighbor ran over some fireworks

Proposal Ideas In our neighborhood park

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