Tara and Jeremy

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How We Met

Jeremy and I grew up together. Our families were good friends and even went on a house boating trip every summer together. I never really noticed Jeremy much, and vice versa, until the summer before our sophomore year of high school (I think it’s because this is when he grew out of his chubby phase, started football, and got muscles!). During that trip something just clicked for us, and we spent every moment we could together–tubing, and even wakeboarding at the same time.

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how they asked

Jeremy planned a surprise date for us, which I did not think much of because he had done this several times throughout our dating relationship. When we arrived at the beach I got excited. This particular spot held many wonderful memories for us including our first kiss. My heart skipped a beat when I saw a sign for horseback riding–this was something I had always dreamed of doing! Horseback riding on the beach! As we rode along I was so caught up in the moment I almost missed the roses in the sand. As we got off our horses and walked over to them I saw they were shaped to make a heart. The next thing I knew Jeremy was down on one knee saying the sweetest words I have ever heard… and to no surprise, I said yes!

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Special Thanks

Cassi Thompson
 | Photographer