Tara and Jennifer

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How We Met

Tara and I met through Instagram. At that time I was taken. Trying to hook my friend up. Didn’t really work out. So as soon as my ex and I broke up. One day I commented on her Facebook photo ” beautiful” and she messaged me instead of just responding, giving me her digits. Which I thought was weird because I thought she was straight haha she wanted it and she got it.

how they asked

When you know she’s the one and you want to tell the whole world how much you love this girl. You have to be sure this is the most memorable day of her life. Not only for her, but when that one day comes when your children ask about it you can tell the story. I met Tara two years ago, and I’ll never forget our first hug, she melted into me. She was my missing puzzle piece. I found my soulmate. It was time for me to ask her to be my beautiful bride. I took her shopping and bought her a beautiful red dress, to match my red cardigan( we liked to color coordinate). I searched all of North Carolina for the perfect photographer. Tara knew we were leaving florida to go on a vacation to stay at the biltmore estates for a candle light tour and dinner. As I was planning all week before we left with the photographer, she sent me 10 different places at the biltmore to pop the question and I chose the perfect fairy tale spot. She wished me luck and told me she would be hiding in the bushes so Tara would not see. That morning I asked Tara to wear her beautiful red dress, it was foggy and sprinkling outside. We grabbed our umbrella. I walked her up to the spot. I swear I’ve never been so nervous about anything in my life. I grabbed her hands and told her the first couple sentences my heart blurted out, like forever with her isn’t long enough for me and I finished off with something like will you be my beautiful bride. I got on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes

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Special Thanks

Katie Shaw
 | Photographer