Tara and James

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How We Met

I met James in the summer of 2005 right before I turned 14. We were both “dating” (or whatever you want to call it at 14) different people at the time. One night we walked and talked for hours around or neighborhood and at the end of the night James asked for my number. A few weeks later, I worked up the nerve to call him and then we started hanging out. At the end of the summer 2005, James asked me to be his girlfriend on a ferris wheel at a festival. He has been by my side ever since! My first love and most importantly my best friend.

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how they asked

James is a wedding photographer and he told me he submitted his pictures in a photo contest. In May, he told me that we would have to attend an event because he was getting an award for his pictures. I was a little suspicious at first but as it got closer to the event James started preparing a speech for the award. On July 24th 2016, we arrived at the Rainbow Room in NYC for “the event.” The maître d told us that we were a little early for the event and they were still setting up, she suggested we go on a tour of the place while we waited. We went for a tour and when we got to the rooftop I saw cameras set up. Before I could realize what was happening James was down on one knee with a ring.

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He said to me (very fast!) “Tara, we have been on so many adventures and you’re my best friend, will you marry me?” and of course I said “yes!”. I turned to the cameras and saw his whole crew there from iNsYnc Photography.

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We enjoyed some champagne while he told me about how they asked for my dad’s permission. James told me he made a reservation at our favorite Greek restaurant a few blocks away.

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We parted from his crew and made our way to the restaurant. When we arrived at the restaurant our families were waiting for us.

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After months of sneakiness and 11 years of dating the love of my life, we are engaged!

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