Tara and Jacob


How We Met

Jacob and I met about 6 years ago when Jake was a senior in high school and me being a sophomore.  Him and his entire senior class was on their big senior trip to Wisconsin. They decided to drive through Yankton SD and stop at the place where I worked at the time…Pizza Ranch. Right before they had left, someone in Jake’s class decided to write down a bunch of boy’s numbers in his class, Jake’s number just so happened to be the first on the list so I decided to text him.  She never did text any of the other numbers. We went on being friends for a few years because we were still in high school and just lived too far away for a long distance relationship. I went off to college for 2 years and on the second year, Jake finally asked me to be his girlfriend on the walking bridge in Yankton. It was about one month after college and I decided I wanted to move to O’Neill NE to be with Jake. It was the best decision i’ve made.

how they asked

Well, I went to school to become a professional photographer, so Jake wanted me to go up in an airplane and take some areal photos of his family farm and the home place for christmas gifts for his family.  So I was super pumped and excited so I said OF COURSE I WILL!! We got into the plane and the pilot told me to just wait a little bit so I could get the feel of things before I started to take pictures.  I noticed we were flying past the home place and were headed to a field WAYYY north of their house.  When we got closer, I noticed that something wasn’t right with the field.  The pilot turned the plane so I could see what was written in the field. It said “Tara, will you marry me?”


Jacob disked the proposal right into the field with the tractor and disk, and when I turned around, Jake had the ring box opened for me.  I started crying instantly.

Special Thanks

Jacob Soukup