Tara and Bryce


How We Met: We became close friends junior year of highschool when we were office aids together one period.  We always got along very well and kinda had a thing for each other but were both dating other people.  We went our separate ways for college and continued to date other people until we graduated and moved back home. Right before moving home I had a really difficult breakup with my boyfriend of 3.5 years.  As soon as Bryce heard the news he swooped in and swept me off my feet and we’ve been together ever since (09/2011).

how they asked: It was Monday morning at 4:30 am and my alarm had just gone off.  At that moment I was really wishing I hadn’t agreed to do a sunrise photo shoot, up in the lighthouse, for the Hillsboro Club (Mark, a friend of Bryce’s, is a photographer and said he needed a couple to model in the photos).  But, as tired as I was, I knew there was no backing out at the last minute so I pulled myself out of bed and started getting ready, still half asleep.  We left the house at about 6:15 am and picked up Mark on our way.  We arrived at the lighthouse, met with the tender and climbed the stairs to the top.  Mark started shooting and all I could think about was how bad the pictures were going to turn out because my hair was blowing all over the place and I couldn’t get it under control.  When I turned around to say something to Bryce, I noticed he was no longer standing up behind me.  He was down on one knee with tears in his eyes, holding a small, maroon box.  Saying that I was surprised, doesn’t even begin to cover it! I was in SHOCK! Was it possible that he had pulled this off without me having ANY idea at all?! My head was spinning and my thoughts were racing, “Oh my God!! Is this it?! Is it really my turn?!”  And it was.  Bryce opened up the box and inside was the most beautiful ring I had EVER seen!  He was pretty choked up (which was adorable) but still managed to get out what he wanted to say. Then, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.  I said yes!!! And I was obviously, very thankful I hadn’t backed out on the photo shoot.




I want to say a special thanks to Mark Woodbury for being there to capture such an important event in our lives! Also, thank you Tia, for dragging your butt out of bed to do my hair- I should have known something was up when you agreed to that ;) And thank you Bryce for going above and beyond to make sure the proposal was so special and memorable.  I will never look at another lighthouse without smiling and thinking of that day. You have truly made me the happiest girl in the world and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by your side!

Photography: Mark Woodbury