Tara and Austin

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How We Met

When I was 12 my best friend was like oh Tara you have to come to church there’s this really hot blonde (my fiance) so the 12 year girl in me took we happy butt to church. I met him and he was so cute, his hair was longer than mine lol but still cute! Well I kept going and he stopped for about a year which I learned later was because he had kidney stones. Well our youth group did a skit for the church talent show and I played the girl that was being pulled from God because of all these Earthly things. My fiance played temptation as in sex lol so we had to slow dance and he had to put a rose in my mouth. My then 13 year old self was having mini heart attacks every time our hands touched. A few days later I texted him off my friends phone pretending to be her asking if I could give me his number, I know total catfish but it worked! We talked and saw each other at church for the next week and then he asked me to be his girlfriend in the church hallway! We were together for 5 years and 10 months before he proposed!

how they asked

We’re both into cars, so we go to a lot of car meets. Well one of the bigger ones is called import alliance. So March 19th and 20th were the days of the car meet. So we get up Saturday morning at 4 and head to Atlanta motor speedway with our car group. Well there was drift ride alongs that you could pay $50 for, Austin wanted to do it and I was like okay i’ll take pictures of you doing it and he was like no you do it too..and back and forth for a good 10 minutes. Well then he walks away and I’m standing with our friends and he’s gone for 15 minutes, now mind you there’s about 20,000 people here and I lost my boyfriend, yes I panicked lol he wasn’t answering his phone or anything. Well then he comes out of no where and he’s like oh sorry my mom called and then i ran into Elijah bowman (import alliances photographer) and he said of we wanna drift later find him..so what do you think we did? We went and found him and he was like are you gonna do it and I was like no I’m gonna take pictures and as you read above it went back and forth until they talked me into it. So we drifted with the professional enjuku drifters, I rode with the girl and he rode the guy and we tandem drifted. Best experience of my life. Well then we stop and they tell me the car is on fire..so my stomach dropped as they’re basically trying to throw me out of the car, I get out and Austin is on one knee proposing with approximately 5000 people cheering and clapping! It is by far the best day of my life! Oh and he had been in contact with import alliance for the past month making these plans!

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