Tara and Andrew

How They Asked

As a blogger, I receive many collaboration offers. This collaboration was very different from my usual ones. An event organization service based in NYC reached out to me offering a picnic collaboration. So I looked into it and it was absolutely adorable! I then showed Andrew this great company that wanted to work with me and asked if he would join me in this picnic collaboration.

On Friday, June 8th Andrew and I headed to Dumbo, Brooklyn. It was a perfect day for a picnic! We arrived in Brooklyn and met up with the team along with their photographer who will be taking our picnic photos for the collaboration.

Where to Propose in Brooklyn Bridge Park

The picnic was all set up in Brooklyn Bridge Park and looked BEAUTIFUL!! The photographer took us around Dumbo to take some pictures of us while the food was being set up. We were told to come back to the picnic in 20min. That being said we were gone for about an hour! Little did I know they were stalling us.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Andrew reached out to the company after I showed him who I was collaborating with. He was communicating with them and added his own touch to this picnic! Such as the Will You Marry Me Sign, the framed photo of us, the song playing in the background when he got on one knee!

We walked back to the picnic, coming closer to the picnic blanket I heard one of my favorite songs Marry You by Bruno Mars. I was a little confused at first but more in total shock. I COULD NOT believe this was really happening!!! IS HE PROPOSING?! To this day I still can’t believe it!

I knew we were going to get engaged eventually, but I really didn’t think it would happen like this!!! It was the most PERFECT ENGAGEMENT PROPOSAL I could have ever dreamed of! So happy that we were able to capture every moment of this special day on video and through photographs to share with all of you!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Brooklyn Bridge Park

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