Tanya and Vasiliy

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How We Met

Vasiliy and I first met at the beach. A group of my friends and I were sitting around the fire when someone mentioned that two more were on their way. He had a twin sister who was bringing him along and I hadn’t met either of them yet. I remember this random thought come into my head.. “ooh a new guy… what if he’s “The One”..? But that thought was quickly forgotten as soon as we met. He was SO quiet the entire time and looked extremely bored.. I never saw Vasiliy after that. But after a few months went by, he started tagging along with my friends and I again. I’m not sure what happened but this time he was a completely different person. He was cracking jokes left and right and was so outgoing. This was more like it! ;) I also quickly started noticing his interest in me… he was so obvious. We spent a lot of time hanging out in large groups so that I could get to know him from a distance before getting into anything serious. Soon enough he asked me to be his girlfriend, and its been so incredible since then! We dated for a year and 5 months until he finally popped the question..

how they asked

Vasiliy planned a hike to Hamilton Mountain one weekend. It was very random but I had my thoughts about it possibly being the weekend that he proposes. A group of about 15 of us met up at 3:30am. I was a tiny but suspicious since two of my best friends were both there, plus he finally brought along both of his sisters, which he never does lol. We got some coffee and then were on our way to the mountain. The hike was extremely difficult and I really thought I was going to die. Vasiliy and I didn’t even hike up together. He was way ahead and this made me realize that today was NOT going to be proposal day. I mean, if he was going to ask me to be his wife, wouldn’t he at least want to hike beside me?! Once I finally made it to the top, he was there to help me up. The view was incredible… We were practically above the clouds. My best friend Victoria started taking photos of me, and Vasiliy came up from behind me and began hugging me. Immediately, I felt his heart pounding against my back. Thats when I turned around and saw the entire group of friends walking towards Victoria with their phones out. She started taking photos of us but I was pretty busy freaking out silently in my head while trying to act cool. I looked once more at the view and then turned to Vasiliy, and there he was, down on one knee… He told me how mu ch he loved me, told me he wanted me to be his wife, and then asked me to marry him. It was absolutely perfect. No words to describe how right it felt to say yes to him. Oh, and I cried… a lot.

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