Tanya and Travis - His and Her Side!

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How We Met: Travis and I met in 2005 through mutual friends. My best friend at the time was dating one of Travis’ friends, and our first encounter was at a mutual friend’s party. We didn’t talk that first night, but we did catch each other’s eyes a few times and I had a feeling that something was there between us. After a few group gatherings, I finally mustered up the confidence and asked if he would like to exchange email addresses; to my delight he gladly agreed. I didn’t waste any time and the following day I emailed him stating that I liked hanging out with him and that anytime there was a party going on to give me a call. Travis reciprocated my request by inviting me out to every party and get together he and his friends were putting on. Happily, before I knew it he was calling me to just hangout one on one. Thankfully after a few months of this, Travis finally asked me out! It was the day before my birthday; it was the best gift I could have asked for!!! ….. Skip a head five wonderful years…
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how they asked – His and Her Side of the Proposal!

Tanya’s perspective: Travis, his two sisters, his cousin and I were traveling through Europe and nearing the end of the trip we traveled to Ireland to visit distant family of Travis’. We first traveled to Cork and had planned a day trip to the Blarney Castle. When we got to the grounds of the Blarney Castle we realized it was so much more than just a castle. There were paths and gardens surrounding the castle. Travis suggested we go on a walk separate from his sisters and cousin which I agreed to not thinking anything of it. We turned down a treed bath that looked over a running stream; it was gorgeous. He then got down on one knee (which I barely remember) and asked the question. Of course I started to cry and for some reason asked “Is this really happening?” It was happening and I said yes! I was so happy and so surprised!!

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Travis’ perspective: Prior to our trip to Europe, I knew that I wanted to ask Tanya to marry me at the Blarney Castle, but after three long weeks traveling and worrying about the ring (a special thanks to my little sister who kept it safe for me through Holland, Italy, Paris and Ireland!!), I decided that I was going to propose our first night in Ireland. We landed in the Dublin airport, which is located in Collinstown, around 9:00pm. We had decided in Italy not to make prearrangements for a place to stay because according to a source, the Dublin airport had a hostel booking agency that was open until 10:00pm every night. Unfortunately for us, they decided to close up and hour early. So there we were, five hot, tired, sweaty individuals desperately calling every hotel in Collingstown trying to book a reasonable room. After many attempts, we finally booked a night at the Merrit. When we first arrived at the hotel Tanya hoped into the shower, so I ran over to my sister’s room and told them the news. I told them to tell Tanya and me that they were going to be running late and for us to go ahead. Myself and the ladies had already picked a restaurant to meet at in Collingstown.

The plan worked to perfection, or so I thought…. We left the hotel, ring in my pocket, heart racing a mile a minute. As we walked towards the town, I realized that this wasn’t a small elegant Irish town, it was located on the side of a highway and all the eye could see was cement and asphalt. I started to rethink my position; I really didn’t want to have come all the way to Ireland to get down on one knee on a sidewalk beside a highway to ask the women I love to marry me. So I dumped the plan and continued on to the restaurant. Nevertheless, I was extremely nervous because I had three very excited women hurling towards us for a celebration. I situated myself so I could see the door and Tanya could not, so when the girls came in I could warn them about the change in plan…..thank God it worked out and the surprise was not ruined.

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It was finally the big day. We all piled our bags into the small European car, packed ourselves in and we were off to the Blarney castle! As I was positioning myself in the car, I realized that I had placed the ring box in my right pocket and I had sat to the left of Tanya, needless to say I was very nervous that see would notice the massive square like figure protruding from my pocket. Thankfully, the crazy roads made her a little nausea so she spent the whole car ride with her eyes closed.

We pulled into the parking lot of the Blarney Castle and I realized it was way more than just a castle, it was a massive Manor!!! I was very excited and I told my sisters that I was going to separate for a little and find a nice place to propose. As we were all walking, I made a suggestion to Tanya to separate and go on our own walk, she was very happy to have some alone time. As we were walking, my heart felt like it was going to thump its way right onto the walk way, I was so nervous and excited. I noticed a small little path down an embankment that over looked a creek and a small water fall. I took Tanya’s hand and led her down to the path. Once alone, I embraced her and told her how lucky I was and how much I loved her. I then stepped back and went down on one knee and asked the question…..her response made me the luckiest and happiest I have every felt in my life.

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