Tanya and Jon

How We Met

Tanya: No good story ever starts with a salad it starts with a shot of tequila, salt and lime…. at a bar of course. With a little liquid courage i made the first move and from there the rest is history. Jonathon and i met August of 2017 I guess its true what people say you will meet the love of your life in the most unexpected of places. Going on 2.5 years of the most amazing journey, it is clear that God has placed us in each other’s lives at the perfect time, when we were least expecting it.How We Met (His Version)I’m not one to go out, but this night I was convinced by a group of friends. Little did i know I would meet the love of my life. An unforeseen night of drinking happened to change it all. Macdintons is always slammed with people and getting around the bar isn’t easy. I am hanging by the big tree on my phone and happen to look up and lock eyes with my future wife. She walks over to introduce herself and strikes a conversation that till this day, hasn’t ended.

How They Asked

Jonathon and I were going on a Cruise and as eager as I was to get there, we booked a room to stay in Miami, Florida the day before we departed. That day Jonathon wanted to do absolutely nothing and was extremely quiet (very unlike him as many of you know). I begged him to go out, but stubborn Jonathon wanted to be in the hotel room all night. Fast Forward to the day of our Cruise, I was very confused as Jonathon did not seem talkative or acting like his normal silly self. The First day in port we went to swim with the stingrays, again acting very unlike himself… I kept pushing and asking what was wrong. Little did I know the backpack that he had been taking everywhere with him (literally everywhere) had something I would cherish for the rest of my life.
Days later…we get off the ship in Puerto Rico….By far the most amazing day of my life a complete surprise at Castillo San Felipe Del Morro in Old San Juan, the love of my life with tears in his eyes got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. To my surprise, Jonathon had hired a photographer to catch the proposal from a distance. The day just began there with the most beautiful photoshoot in Downtown Old San Juan.



Special Thanks

Alexis Belli Photography
 | Photography
Mision Lago Estate
 | Engagement Shoot Location