Tanya and Carmine

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Highline, New York

How We Met

Although we cannot pinpoint the exact moment that we met, as we had mutual friends and knew each other for years, once we had a chance to ‘argue’ over who discovered a particular radio station first on a rainy June long weekend night- the rest was history.

At only 17, it was like we both knew that this was an always thing and have not been apart ever since. We cannot remember a time where our lives did not sync perfectly around each other and cannot wait to take this next step together.

how they asked

On our first day of our trip to New York, I had planned to meet up with my best friend at the Highline, which is my favourite place in New York. Completely un-expecting, that they had planned everything without me knowing, we made our way up the stairs to find a flashmob preforming.

Completely engrossed in how amazing this was, we watched along with a large crowd while the girls danced away. When Bruno Mars’ Marry me came on, I immediately become overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears knowing what was coming next. When Carmine jumped in to join the dancing, I was so impressed and filled with a feeling that cannot be described!

Tanya's Proposal in The Highline, New York

Then they drew me in to the mob and there he asked me. My best friend asked me spend the rest of my life with him and I could not have been happier.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Highline, New York

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Highline, New York

Being able to celebrate this moment with my sister and friends present was the icing on the cake! I wish I could relive this moment forever!

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