Tanya and Brent

How We Met

I love swing dancing and line dancing, to learn I used to go to Dukes Bar and Grill in Portland, OR. I had a dance partner and didn’t care to talk or dance with anyone else mainly because I wasn’t interested in starting a relationship. I met Brent in March of 2016 when he and his friend came down to dukes. They knew the guy I would dance with so they came over to say hi. My response was a simple “hi” and that was that. All that crossed my mind looking at him was “well he’s really tall, and handsome too”. After that I didn’t see him until the next weekend he came again and this time waited for my dance partner to

Image 1 of Tanya and Brent

Image 2 of Tanya and Brent

leave, he came up and asked how long me and the guy were dating, I rolled my eyes and said we aren’t dating we’re just dance partners. He took the time to start talking about hobbies and school and skydiving. I excused myself to the bathroom with a friend of mine and told her “I think he’s going to ask for my number, how do I let him down easy? I’m not interested in dating right now but he seems sweet I don’t want to be rude!” My friend said “Tanya it’s just a date, 1 cup of coffee, it’s not like your gonna marry the guy.” All of a sudden from what seemed like an empty bathroom, this little lady swings open the stall door and comes right up to me and tells me that I need to give people chances, it is hard to find a good handsome man “so you go our there, you give him your number, and you go have that coffee!!!” It was quite intimidating. But that’s exactly what I did! A handful of dates later we were really starting to fall for each other so we made it official and became boyfriend and girlfriend :)

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how they asked

Brent is a licensed skydiver, so he told me that his buddies at the dropzone agreed to give me a jump slot so we can jump together (the first time I jumped we didn’t make it on the same plane ride up) so I agreed! I was sick that entire week and hadn’t been out of the house at all besides work, Friday Brent told me he would stop by my work on the way home from jumping and say hi since he didn’t see me all week, when evening came I sent him a message asking if he’s coming and got a response saying he went home because he was too tired. That definitely ruined my night, also ticked me off a little because I knew he was skydiving all day, after an hour of being upset I let it go.

Next morning, May 20th he called me in the morning and we agreed that he would pick me up to go for the jump so I got ready and waited. I received a text from him asking if I can meet him there because he got caught up helping with something. That definitely ticked me off, I almost didn’t go but I felt really bad to skip out when his buddies worked hard to get me a jump slot in the day so I drove over there. We got ready and the camera guy started taking our video and pictures, we loaded the plane and took off. I decided to postpone my upsetting remarks of how terrible of a boyfriend he was the whole weekend until after the jump.

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Image 5 of Tanya and Brent

Brent jumped out first and I jumped out 2nd to last with the instructor named turtle. Freefalling from 14,000 feet was unreal. The greatest feeling in the whole world. Everything moves fast but there’s not a single sound. Finally the parachute opened and Turtle let me steer the chute for a while. After seeing that I was going way off track from the landing zone he took over. We kept pointing out different views to each other and he then asking me to look down, as I did there, between all the garage roofs was a big sign that said “Tanya will you marry me?” My heart almost jumped out of my chest. I was so surprised, we’ve been talking about my college graduation so I had my mind set on that day for the proposal but this was a month early! Due to being sick all week I had no voice so I couldn’t even scream! Finally after we landed Turtle unbuckled me and told me to go over to Brent, who was kneeling on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hand. From all the excitement I tackled brent as he asked me to marry him, of course I said yes!! Life with this guy has been and always will be a blast. I can’t wait to spend my life with him :)

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Special Thanks

Kailyn Alexander
 | Brents sister came and took pictures of us
Dave and Natalie
 | Videographer
Yelena & Vlad Tsioma
 | Photographer