Tanya and Anthony

Tanya and Anthony's Engagement in Tulum, Mexico

How We Met

Love Story: We both joined a swim team that my grandparents started back in the 1960s. We swam on the swim team growing up together. In 8th grade we started to notice each other and the rest was history from there. We were two kids who would hang out in the park together in 8th grade and spent hours talking about god knows what. We became high school sweethearts who shared homecomings and proms together. But, we didn’t go to the same college and we felt that was the end to our story.

Fast forward 6 years later, we ran into each other in our hometown and time felt like nothing had passed. I packed up my bags in San Fransisco and moved to Chicago to see if it could work. Fast forward 2 years later and we are now engaged and committed to becoming life long partners. The love we shared was always there and has been there for now 11 years. Can’t wait to marry the boy that stole my heart so long ago!

How They Asked

Our Engagement Story: I left for Tulum, Mexico on a girls’ trip. This was my first time traveling internationally without family or my significant other. We spent the whole trip eating amazing food, visiting beautiful cenotes, and drinking all different types of margaritas. On the last night, we planned a tasting menu dinner at one of the most beautiful restaurants in Tulum, Kin Toh. My girlfriends told me that we had to dress to the nines because it was our last night on vacation. When we arrived at the restaurant I wanted to take my time to look around and explore. We climbed to the top of the forest and when I saw the view my heart just dropped, Anthony, my boyfriend was not there to share this view with me.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Tulum, Mexico

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Tulum, Mexico

I asked my girlfriend to take a picture and she refused because our table was waiting. When I looked at where our table was on the other side of the roped bridge I saw the love of my life waiting with a huge bouquet of red roses and the biggest smile on his face. My heart dropped, how did he get here from Chicago and keep it secret all this time. The sun was setting all around us, our friends were watching from afar, and we shared the most memorable moment of our lives together. He proposed to me and exceeded perfection! I can’t wait to head back to Mexico for our wedding in 2021! From high school sweethearts to best friends, to partners for life!

Tanya's Proposal in Tulum, Mexico

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