Tanya and Alana

It was a proposal based on our very first date almost 5 years ago. It started with me coming home from work, to a gift she had made for me of pictures of us from the years leading up to this. After we went to ihop, where a rose was waiting for me in the car (exactly like our first date). After we ate we went to Hayward trails where we use to walk all the time. We found a place to sit and sat there talking for awhile. It was a hot summer day, she was nervous you could tell, she said, as she reach into the bag we had brought “I have an extra shirt “, with a confused response I said “okay are you going to change into it?” She turned around with a ring in her hand and said “no but I was going to ask you to marry me.” I of course started shrieking and put my hand out. For our personalities this proposal was perfect and I wouldn’t change a single detail about it!