Tanner and Morgen

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Me and Morgen went to the same high school, we were two years apart. I met her through her cousin which i had classes with and we had all gone to the same church camp since we were old enough to go(which is like 8). The summer after my senior year i went to church camp, i saw Morgen and just knew i had to shoot my shot. I ended up getting her number by the end of the week. I would occasionally text her and flirt and I told her cousin(which is also her bestfriend) how much i liked her thinking she’d drop hints and get things rolling but no. The following New Years Eve i was invited to her party at her house after the Church service and she finally realized that night the feelings i had for her that were apparent to everyone else. We hit it off and were dating by the end of the month. We dated for 2 years and went seperate ways just being young, dumb, and not truely ready for the feelings we had. 4 years later after other relationships we got back together knowing we would get married this time around!

Morgen had been talking about rings…and proposing…and being engaged…and weddings…and houses for awhile, so i was receiving the hints. I was adamant that i felt the same way but that i wanted her to have no idea when or how it would happen because i am all about the moment of surprise. So just when she figured it would be a little while before I proposed i started planning. Her cousins are brookeandpalir photography and had just done her college graduation pictures. Well they were posting about some Valentine’s Day minis, so i got them to ask Morgen if we would stand in as models to test out some new locations to shoot for their clients. I gave them two dates, knowing only one would work for me, but so she would feel like she was setting it up. She ended up being way more excited about the pictures than i imagined which played right into my hand. Well another good photographer friend of mine set me up with a venue “The Heist” downtown Lake Charles that had the perfect room to do the proposal. I set the room up just the way i had pictured mixing many other ideas i had found…

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So Brooke and Trace brought us to two locations before bringing us to the place I had setup. I had Brooke take some solo shots of Morgen downstairs while Trace and I went upstairs…

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And the wait was on….

Finally after 5 minutes of waiting on one knee I could hear her coming up the stairs which was almost drowned out by my heartbeat. When she walked through the door she melted and said yes. We finished up some pictures and headed back to her house where family and close friends awaited.

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Special Thanks

Maggie Bradshaw
 | Planning