Tanner and Matthew

how we met

We met while we were at school at Faulkner State Community College (now known as Coastal Alabama Community College). Matt was playing baseball there while I was playing softball. Matt saw me at a church function on campus where he introduced himself to me. I was pretty introverted then, so I stayed in my dorm room pretty often, so Matt asked one of my teammates for my phone number and our relationship developed from there.

how they asked

Matt and I had been looking at houses for a while, but when none of them worked out, we started looking at buying vacant land like my parents did when they were getting married. We searched for land for about 4 months until we found our future homesite. Matt handled all of the paperwork because I was still in school, so he kept me in the dark about what was going on. On April 1, 2019, (Luckily for Matt he wasn’t joking) Matt picked me up with my favorite milkshake in hand, and told me we had to go out to the land to meet with the sellers and finalize the offer. As we were waiting for the sellers to arrive (so I thought), Matt asked me if I was sure this was where I wanted to build our life and when I told him yes, he said, “well, let’s make it happen” and proposed!

Special Thanks

Justine & Wayne
 | Photography
Dauphin Island
 | Venue