Tanisha and Thomas

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How We Met

We both worked at a super busy local grocery store in town- He was one of the graveyard managers, and I was a fresh out of High School Cashier- I first noticed Thomas when I needed an override at my register when I was working the late shift. I thought he was a super cute, he wore this black beany that I actually still love to this day. At that time-I think I was more attracted to him because of his authoritative stature. haha I was actually dating my High School sweetheart and the time, and Thomas was actually married at that time. So, we didn’t even speak for 4 years- It was just the occasional override, at my register.

I continued to date my HS sweetheart for the next 4 years, and Thomas’s marriage fell through, and he moved to work days. I saw him more, but we still never spoke.

After 4 years -my relationship was over with my HS boyfriend, and dating wasn’t an option for me, as I was trying to get over my ex.

Then one day, I was walking past his work area and he called me over to talk to him, apparently I had looked “down in the dumps” and he wanted to see if I was okay. I told him I was just having a hard time with moving on past my ex- He then asked if I wanted to hang out and talk about it- I didn’t go for this because I assumed he knew I was vulnerable and was just trying to put the moves on me. I wanted nothing to do with that or him, so I denied him. Little did I know, I would end up “Head over Heels” for this man.

He continuously tried to get my attention and ask me on dates, but I kept denying him- I was so annoyed by him, and decided I wasn’t as attracted to him as I once was. Haha

After his persistence, I finally caved and gave into him. I met up with him at his townhouse, and we just talked about life. Something clicked, because I was then super curious, and interested in him.

We continued to start spending more time together, and always texting- He was obsessed with me, and I was obsessed with him. We couldn’t get enough of each other.

We’d to take these long drives, grab fast food, and talk under the stars.

One night we went to the best spot in town, that overlooked the valley- the lights, and that view. We talked all night like we always did, he understood me, and I understood him. I was in love right there, and I knew he was “the one”

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how they asked

We had talked about getting engaged for a year- and it just kept not happening. We would do these extravagant things, and I always kept thinking that “this is finally it!” lol


I knew I needed to stop thinking about it, and just let it happen.

Christmas day 2017 came, and once again, I thought “this is it!” There were little packages that were wrapped about the same size as a ring box under the tree, so I got excited! 20 minutes of unwrapping, and there was no ring.


I went on the day, just trying to get over it. We were scheduled to be at his parents for an early Christmas dinner, so we hopped in the car to drive about 40 minutes away from where we lived. Thomas on the way to his parents kept talking about snow, and we should go find someone and go 4 wheeling in the jeep- I thought it was a great idea, but there was no traces of snow as we approached his parents house. We had a wonderful dinner, and I fell into a food coma, and needed a nap pronto.

Thomas supported the idea, and little did I know he was pushing me to take a nap so he could plan his proposal.

It was going on 4pm when I finally awoke, and the sun was coming down. Thomas was still stuck on the idea of going for a drive to look for snow, so we got in the jeep, and his parents followed.

Thomas wanted to go up to “4 corners” which was a popular spot above Butte Falls where snow accumulated. He had taken me here on previous adventures, because it also looked over the valley of the town we lived in- He also grew up in Butte Falls- so he knew where all the cool spots were.

We parked, and I knew something was off. Thomas’s Dad was like “hey, let do pictures” and Thomas got down on one Knee, and said “This is where I started my life- Will you start your life here with me too”?

Who knew overlooking the valley would lead to forever?

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Special Thanks

Doug Ownby
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring