Tanis and Garrison

how we met

Garrison and I met my senior year of high school, and his first year in the Fire Academy. My best friend set me up on a blind date with her boyfriend’s best friend, Garrison. We had a double date at my moms house swimming and eating pizza. When the boys left my mom’s house my best friend asked me if I liked Garrison. I told her that I wasn’t sure if I liked him, but that I knew I would marry him one day. Well this year on September 27th it will be FIVE years since we started dating.

We have made it through my high school graduation, three years of long distance while I was attending Texas A&M University, my college graduation, and the start of my first teaching job at Willis High School. We have also made it through his fire academy graduation, and his first three years as a fireman at Willis Fire Department. The past five years have felt like milestones. Garrison has become my best friend, and ultimately my life partner.

how they asked

A little over a month after I graduated from Texas A&M University Garrison and I went to the deer lease to go duck hunting like we do every year. That morning we loaded up and headed to the duck pond. Around 8AM a few ducks flew over us. I shot a drake, and Garrison got a hen. Garrison got up and said he was going to pick up the birds that had landed on the other side of the pond. I didn’t think anything of it so I sat back down in my chair. A few minutes past and I didn’t hear him walking back yet. I got up and said some joke about him always being slow. Little did I know he was fumbling behind a bush with the ducks and an engagement ring. A couple of seconds later Garrison yells from the other side of the pond, “Tanis, I think you shot a banded duck”. Let me explain: it is a goal of duck hunters to shoot a duck that has a band around its leg. The band looks like a ring with a number etched in it. It is really rare, and has always been a competition between us. I figured he was just messing with me so I sat back down.

A few minutes later he was behind me kneeling on one knee holding my “banded duck” with the engagement ring around its leg. I of course said YES!!! Later that evening Garrison had rented out a room at our favorite restaurant to celebrate with both of our families, and that knight we went to the Waterway in The Woodlands to continue celebrating with our friends. It was a day and night we will never forget.

Special Thanks