Tanis and Brandon

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How We Met

I was coming up to the northeast corner of Saskatchewan to visit my friend, Ang, that I had met while in hair school. Ang was dating one of Brandon’s friends, Lance. It was the middle of harvest season but Lance had called Brandon to see if we co
uld pop in for a visit. Brandon was tired because of harvest and had said maybe another time. Lance then decided to call Myles (Brandon’s brother) to see if he wanted to have us. At the time, the two brothers lived together and Myles was always up for having a visit. Sure enough, Myles told us to come over! On the way there, Lance and Ang had been telling me how Brandon was so quiet and how they weren’t sure he would be interested in dating at the time. After only a few hours of visiting, Brandon suddenly was very interested. I went home after my weekend of visiting my friend Ang and Brandon started to talk to me through phone non-stop. A few days later he finally decided to ask me if he could take me on a date once it rained and he caught a break from harvest. Now, the rest is history!

how they asked

For our two year anniversary, Brandon told me to book a photo session for the two of us as a present to me. He knew that I wanted professional pictures of us so he told me to choose my photographer and date. I booked our session for December 23rd, 2015. The day had arrived and our photographer, Courtney was ready to go. She had told us that she had a prop she really wanted to use and asked if Brandon would go get it from her car. It looked like a big present. She had said a friend of hers had done some pictures with a similar prop and the pictures had turned out great! I thought nothing of it. We got to the spot where we were going to start taking pictures and Courtney began snapping. We took a few pictures standing behind the prop, then Courtney had instructed me to start unwrapping the prop like a present. She had told Brandon to stand off to the right just slightly behind me and I began to unwrap the gift. In only a few seconds, I started to notice that it was an old window frame that Brandon had got refurbished and on the window panes it read: “Will you marry me?”

I turned around and Brandon was down on one knee with the ring box open! I immediately said yes! I was so shocked that he had been so creative and romantic :). Now, we will be husband and wife on New Years Eve 2016!

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Special Thanks

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