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how we met

In true Miami fashion, Ralph and I met through a mutual friend at a nightclub. We exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night and met again continuously for dinner and drinks for the next week weeks. It’s definitely not the most romantic story but Ralph and I have been together ever since, almost 7 years. Throughout those years I would also jokingly tease Ralph because he never officially asked me to be his girlfriend (do people still do that btw?) Whenever anyone asked us how long we were together I would say that I’ve known Ralph for 7 years but he never asked me to be his girlfriend so technically I was single and we were just roommates… more of this to come in the story below.

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how they asked

Ralph and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice getaway and chose to go to Maui and Kauai; our favorite islands! We love Hawaii so much we have gone 3 years in a row! We always try and find new and adventurous activities to do while there, anything from skydiving to swimming with sharks. This time around Ralph suggested we hike along the Napali Coast and take the Hanakapi’ai Trail, a strenuous 8 mile round trip hike. The hike leads you to a hidden beach and an amazing waterfall in the middle of the jungle which can only be accessed by hiking, there is no other way to access that part of the island, so obviously I had to do it!

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The day before we got to Kauai Ralph told me that he knew someone on the island that was a tour guide and hired them to come with us on the hike and then take us to some other local spots the following days. At first I didn’t think we needed a tour guide for a hike but Ralph told me that since it had been raining the past few days the trails would be muddy and dangerous, and since there was no proper signage or pathways along the hike it would be best to go with someone who was experienced so we wouldn’t risk getting lost or hurt in the jungle. He did a pretty good job into scaring me so I didn’t hesitate having the “tour guide” join us the next day. When we met up with our “tour guides” (Hyunah & Aaron) the next morning, I noticed they had lots of camera equipment with them and I asked them why they were taking camera equipment during such a long hike. Hyunah told me she always takes her camera during her tour guides to capture nice pictures for her clients and to post on her website for promo. I, foolishly, didn’t think anything of it and just thought “cool I guess I’m going to get some nice photos for my Facebook.” (Naïve huh?)

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Long story short, after 4 long, exhausting hours of hiking we finally arrived to the most beautiful and breathtaking waterfall I have ever seen. We decided to take about an hour break at the waterfall to enjoy the scenery and jump in for a swim at the bottom of the falls before having to hike back another 4 hours. Before jumping into water, our “tour guide” asked us to pose on a rock and take a photo with the waterfall in the background. As I sat and posed on the rock while staring at the waterfall in front of me, Ralph grabbed me and stood next to me and whispered some of the sweetest words he’s ever said to me.

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He ended his speech by telling me “I know I never asked you to be my girlfriend, but now I’m asking you to be my wife. Will you marry me?” I sat there in shock and was completely speechless. I was so surprised about what was going on that I couldn’t put my thoughts into words and after a few seconds of silence Ralph asked me “Well… is it a yes?” Of course I said/screamed YES!

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He then celebrated with a victorious “fist pump” in the air and the crowds who were at the waterfall all started cheering and clapping which helped bring me out of my shock and into reality and that’s when I heard a buzzing noise above me. To my surprise, I look up and there was a drone above my head capturing the entire moment on video! As you may have guessed, it turns out that our “tour guides” were not really tour guides but photographers that Ralph hired to hike over 7 hours with over 40 pounds of equipment. While Hyunah was capturing picture perfect images with her camera, Aaron was navigating his drone and soaring high above the tree tops getting unbelievable views of the entire rainforest and waterfall and then sweeping down to get our dream worthy proposal on video. The magic didn’t end at the waterfall though. Luckily for us the hike starts and ends at one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Ke’e beach, and we got lucky enough to finish the hike right before sunset.

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As exhausted as we all were Hyunah suggested we quickly change in the car in order to get some sunset pictures at the beach, which are the pictures you see at the end of the video. That beautiful sunset was the perfect ending to such a magical day for us!

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I still can’t believe that Ralph was able to pull off this whole proposal without me even having the slightest idea of what was going on. The amount of thought and effort he put into his planning shows how committed he is to making sure I am the happiest girl in the world! I am one lucky gal!

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