Tania and John | Hawaiian Luau Proposal

IMG_3452How We Met: John and I met in the summer of 2008 while working together in a fast food restaurant after graduating high school. In fact, we went to the same high school but never knew each other then. We started out as friends who suddenly discovered we shared a lot of things in common. Of course, I did not think more of John than a very funny and easy going person. At first we would hang out with groups of friends and over time we began chatting online and texting more often. Our hang outs would eventually turn into one on one dates, trips to Manhattan where I first received my Build-A-Bear and exciting dinner nights full of endless conversations of anything and everything. During those days, it felt as if the world around us continued carrying on but each time we were together, the butterflies kicked in and we were in our own bubble of happiness where time never passed. Our friendship quickly turned into romance with neither one of us intending it and on New Year’s Day of 2009, John worked up the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend officially. What a marvelous way to start the new year! I was more than happy because I believed it then and believe now that God put us in each other’s lives for a purpose. Six years later, we are still the couple we were then if not more in love. As a couple, we have experienced the good times as well as the bad and came out stronger than ever. John encourages me to be the best person I can be and I admire his genuine ways. We can drive each other up the wall but at the same time be each other’s backbones. Our characters compliment each other too well that there is no letting go, we are in this life adventure together until the end of time.

how they asked: We were planning for a vacation and I wasn’t sure of where to go until John said he wanted to visit Hawaii. I thought Hawaii was the perfect getaway for the two of us since neither one of us have been there. Hawaii offered amazing adventures as well as an exclusive romantic experience, not mention the beautiful views on the island. We agreed on the island of Kauai and it was the perfect location. We ventured off to see what the island had to offer. Amongst the many things we did, we encountered spinner dolphins, hiked trails with rewarding views, experienced a beautiful sunset on the Pacific Ocean, and most importantly spent lots of quality time together. When you’re in Hawaii, a luau is a must and John decided to save that for last on our trip. We booked the luau with the Smith Family Garden Luau. Prior to the luau, we took a boat ride on the Wailua River to see the fern grotto where we got to experience the serenading of the Hawaiian wedding song (that should’ve been a hint). The Smith Family Garden was simply beautiful with acres of land featuring a tropical oasis. After we experienced our first pa’ina, we enjoyed delicious Hawaiian food along with mai tais. As they say, food may be the heart of a luau but music is the soul. Up on stage, Hawaiian rhythms with the ukelele played and they soon called up volunteers to do some hula moves. John suggests we go up to dance and of course I declined. I continued to eat my rice pudding when suddenly over the microphone I hear the names, “John and Tania please join us up on stage”. My eyes suddenly opened so wide and give John a glare as he smirks and pulls me up to the stage. We are doing the hula dance with a dozen other people and when the music finishes, everyone claps and I start making my way down along with the crowd. That is until the hula girl dancer pulls me aside and tells me I danced best so I have to stay on stage. At this point I am frightened, fearing of having to do a solo hula dance in front of all the people so I turn to John who suddenly has the microphone in his hands! Sweat is dripping from his forehead as he begins speaking and I am in complete utter shock. There was so much going on around us but all I recall is John dropping to one knee saying, “Tania Mock, would you be my forever and always, would you marry me?” I nodded yes as the entire crowd starts to cheer and I feel John’s trembling hands as he puts the most gorgeous ring on my hand.


As if things couldn’t have gotten any better in paradise, I now was marrying the man of my dreams, my best friend, my everything. I felt like the luckiest girl in the universe and now I am going to spend the rest of my life by his side.