Tania and Joe

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

How We Met

We met through friends in 2012! 8 thought I was going to a party and I guess they had wanted to set us up from the beginning. I walked into his house and as soon as we locked eyes, this overwhelming feeling came over me.

How They Asked

We Backpacked Southeast Asia for three months. He woke me up to watch the sunrise while on our cruise ship balcony in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. He showed me a video that had him at the end holding a paper that said: “Turn Around”.I was definitely NOT prepared as I was in slippers, elephant pants, and a sweater shirt. It was such an amazing video and afterward, we were taken to a private island for the night so we were able to fully celebrate our engagement! This happened about a week into our trip so we were able to travel as an engaged couple for the remainder of it.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam