Tania and Dominick

How We Met: The day we met was the day I knew he would be the one I would be spending the rest of my life with. It was sometime in April of 2008 when we met. He was at his dad’s house fixing one of his best friend’s tire. We didnt speak at first or heck the wholel night pretty much LOL but I couldnt keep my eyes off of him. As we went to the car wash to wash his best friend’s car he stared at me and I smiled. It was time for me to go home (cause I had a bedtime) lol and he took my phone , put his number in it and said “Text me if you want to”. And thats what I did the following day. I fell so much in love with him that I couldnt stop thinking about Dominick. I told him my deepest darkest secrets and he told me everything about his. Then on May 30th he showed up at my job and asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend lol (well technically i asked him if he wanted to go out with me) Image 1 of Tania and Dominick haha!!! of course we both said yes and 7 years later we are getting married. He’s my best friend, and my future husband to be. I love you sooo muuch!! Image 2 of Tania and Dominick

how they asked: It was the day of our 6 year anniversary at 4 am. Dominick got up from bed to go to the bathroom. Of course I was up cause I can never sleep lol. As he came back he asked me what song was playing on his phone. I didnt think anything of it because he always asks me if I know what the names of the songs are. So as I am singing it trying to figure it out I was like “the name of the song is lets get married” and he said “yes”.I was confused so I said it again. The name of the song is lets get married lol and this time he said yes again and I knew exactly what he was trying to do. I asked him are you serious? You want to get married and his reply was yes. He was waiting to do it during the day but he couldnt wait any longer so he proposed at 4am in the most unique romantic way and I loved it. I was speechless and soo happy. Of course I said YES! Image 3 of Tania and Dominick I love him so much and cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him. He will be a great husband and a great father in the future… I LOVE YOU DOMINICK