Tania and Christian

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How We Met

Not long after we crossed paths in high school had we discovered that we lived only a street apart. What started off as mutual friends who used to see each other at the local bus stop but never saw each other romantically slowly turned into a match made in heaven.

We were blindsided. It was around the time of my HSC and my dad had gotten into a car accident which turned out to be with someone Christian knew. Once he had put two and two together and worked out it had been my dad that was involved in the accident, he called me to see if everything was okay. And I suppose you could say, we haven’t stopped chatting ever since. Fast forward 6 years and here we are… planning our big day.

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How They Asked

Christian told me that we were going to head down to the South Coast on the weekend to this winery that we had both been wanting to check out. As we were on our way, he made a point of wanting to stop along the way to “check out the scenery”. I now know this was his way of killing time. The drive down was beautiful – the scenery was breathtaking, and the sun was shining.

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As soon as we entered Gerringong there it was… torrential rain. Finally, we made it to the beautiful Crooked River Winery. Getting out of the car and making a run for the restaurant door to be greeted by a smiling waitress. Christian told her that he had made a reservation and she responded with “Right this way… Keep your umbrella you’re going to need it.”

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I didn’t think much of it at first… all until I found myself outside the restaurant where we were supposed to have been ‘having lunch’ and walking up a hill to see the most beautiful set up waiting for us. We walked up to the stunning table setting and on the table was a letter addressed to me. Christian handed it to me, grabbed my hand and walked me over to the arch. There we stood in the rain; with a letter that said “I can’t picture my life without you in it. Will you marry me?”.

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Lost for words but not lost for tears I looked at Christian on one knee. Of course, I said yes. It was a complete ‘Notebook’ moment. Quickly rushing under cover, we sat … what had just happened began to sink in. We were then approached by a gentleman who explained that he was our photographer. He took us to another location to take some photos. It was all so perfect. Later we returned to our beautiful private table setting to enjoy lunch overlooking the most incredible views.

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But that was not all Christian had planned. He had organized for all our closest family and friends to meet us back home to celebrate. Really was the best day ever.

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Special Thanks

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