Tania and Carmelo

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Maisonneuve Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

How We Met

When Carmelo and I met, neither one of us was expecting to find our perfect match. We met at a Valentine’s party, where I was unhappily attending, and Carmelo was a bartender at the reception hall. We were both very shy, but I did something extremely uncharacteristic of me, and gave Carmelo my phone number. After that night, we spent two months talking on the phone before actually seeing each other in-person again. But, once we finally went out on our first date, we knew there was something special between us. He would always tell me that I was his “unicorn,” completely unique from anyone he knows. I, always in awe of his calm demeanour and generosity, would love to hear people tell me, “Carmelo is the best person you will ever meet. There is no one as kind as him.” I think we both felt like we struck gold.

Proposal Ideas Maisonneuve Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Although we were both young, we knew very quickly that we were each other’s person. Together, Carmelo and I grew up, made mistakes, accomplished goals, achieved milestones, and realized that we are better people for knowing and loving each other. I am so fortunate and grateful to spend forever with my best friend. Through the smiles, tears, laughs, and pleasures, I know that we are each other’s rocks.

Tania and Carmelo's Engagement in Maisonneuve Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

how they asked

I had spent weeks planning my 25th birthday, and I wanted to make sure everything was exactly like I had envisioned. From the balloons to the napkins, I did not let anyone interfere with my plans. So, in all honestly, I was a little annoyed when Carmelo told me on the day of the party that he needed me to go with him to run some errands. But, since he never asks me for anything, I decided to just accompany him on his errands – and I’m definitely glad I did!

During the entire car ride to our first destination, I noticed Carmelo was extra quiet, and kept checking the time, but I did not want to ask too many questions. He was also driving exactly the speed limit, which, for anyone who knows Carmelo, would raise suspicion. Finally, we stopped in front of a large park that looked familiar, but, for anyone who knows me, would know how terrible I am with directions! He asked me to walk through the park with him, because he had to make a pit stop at a little shop within the area. As we were walking, he grabbed my hand, and, in his tightened grasp, I sensed there was a reason he brought me to this particular park. When coming up to an open area, in between high trees, I came to a halt when I noticed a beautiful picnic for two, balloons, rose petals on the floor, and a bottle of champagne. My heart racing, and my own hand tightening in Carmelo’s, he looked down at me and whispered with emotion, “Do you recognize this park?” Finally, the memory of the first time we said I love you to each other came to me, and my knees went weak when I realized that we were standing in the exact same spot we had stood over six years ago. Smiling with rosy cheeks, Carmelo led me to our picnic, and, on one knee, holding the most absolutely stunning ring, asked me to marry him.

Analyzing every detail of the proposal, I was overwhelmed with adoration and admiration for Carmelo, because I realized how well he knows me. Knowing my love for literature, Carmelo had planned the perfect proposal, straight out of a Jane Austen novel. After our picnic in the park, we went back to my parents’ house, where my entire family and Carmelo’s joined in the celebration! Our family and friends always laugh over the fact that Carmelo completely hijacked my 25th birthday, but I would never imagine anything more perfect for the first day of the rest of our lives together.

One of my favourite literary quotes is, “Journeys end in lovers meeting.” And, as one chapter is nearing an end, Carmelo and I are overjoyed to begin our new one on October 20th, 2018.

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