Tania and Alessandro

How We Met

It’s like a fairytale honestly, Alessandro was born and raised in Sicily. He came to New York when he was a little less than 9 years old, out of all the places you can live in here in New York somehow he was brought to Port Chester. A small 1-mile long village that’s probably not even on a map of New York. It was 2001, and he had just entered Elementary school, very little English – we became so close at such a young age from 1st grade until 6th grade, we’d speak every day, and we’d fall asleep on the cord phones (yes cord phones) together. He even attended my 10th birthday party, to which he remembers all the details at now 27 years old. Alessandro’s family purchased a house in another town, which led to Ale moving away. We were so young and back then social media wasn’t what it is now, so communication was lost. Fast forward, 10ish years, I find him on facebook (yes, I looked for him and found him obviously) and the spark just lit immediately – he is the most amazing and genuine person that I remember as a little girl, it is almost like we never drifted away. And now here we are, the first chance he got, he took and placed a beautiful Vera Wang Love collection ring on it and I said YES! We are getting married in Sicily in 2020.

I just have to say, that thing they say about soulmates and how everyone has already met them … it’s true. ALESSANDRO YOU ARE MY SOULMATE, MY BACKBONE, AND MY BEST FRIEND I LOVE YOU! #FutureMrsDiBlasi

How They Asked

Valentine’s day window shopping supposedly at the mall, we walk into Zales and the sales girl Nicole and him had it planned! Next thing I know he’s down on one knee and she’s taking pictures! All the customers clapped and congratulated us.

Tania and Alessandro's Engagement in Intimately at home and then again at Zales

Proposal Ideas Intimately at home and then again at Zales

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