Tanelia and Paolo

How We Met: My best friend has known my fiancè since high school and one day set us up on a blind date because she knew we would be perfect together… she was right!!

how they asked: My birthday was on November 18th but on November 15th he told me we were going to his cousins apartments and that she had rented out the clubhouse for us to have a few friends over. We arrived at the clubhouse and as we were walking in he told me to open one of the doors and there was my whole family and his whole family, it was a surprise birthday party! As the night went on we all conversed until he had to make a toast for the birthday girl. Both of us got in front of every body while he was making the toast when in the middle of his speech he had set it up for some one to start playing the song “Marry Me” he then turned and starred at me and got down on his knee. I thought it was all just a dream, it was too perfect especially having both our families there!!!

Image 1 of Tanelia and Paolo

Image 2 of Tanelia and Paolo