Tanaz and Zainul

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York City, New York

How We Met

Zainul and I first met 10 years ago by mutual friends on New Year’s Eve. It was merely a brief introduction. 3 years later, we got in touch again with the help of mutual friends and family (who thought we would be a great couple!). We lived in different cities so we would text a few times a week but were rather busy with our own lives. Eventually, we began to talk more often and he finally asked me on a date! Well, let’s just say everything was uphill from that day forward. He is now my entire life.

How They Asked

Christmas in New York was always a dream of mine. During our first night in New York City, Zainul took me on a romantic walk along Gantry Park with a gorgeous skyline view. We held hands as we walked closer to the heart-shaped candles and I instantly thought to myself “what a lucky girl!” I noticed a crowd of people near the candles but it was too dark to recognize faces. I told Zainul we should go in a different direction so we don’t ruin someone’s event. But he slowly began to pull me closer and told me how much I meant to him.

Tanaz and Zainul's Engagement in New York City, New York

I instantly felt the world stop. He led me to the center of the candles and I realized all my friends and family from Texas were there to celebrate with us! He dropped to one knee and I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling even before he asked me to marry him! I still cannot believe I was that lucky girl. New York City has my heart!

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