Tanay and TC

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How We Met

We grew up in the same hometown and went to high school together. He was two years ahead of me. We didn’t really talk or spend time around each other until after he had graduated. I ended up moving in to the house next door to him when I was in grade 11 but that’s not how we became friends. I started working with one of his best friends and his friend asked me to hang out one night with the two of them. After that we started hanging out the three of us together periodically. Since I lived next door to him we would drop off our other friend first and then drive home together at the end of the night. The first time we were in the truck alone he didn’t say a word to me. It was nice and awkward. After about a year, the three of us become pretty close friends. He left for a couple of months to go down south. We had both being dating other people but in the time that he was gone we both became single. Neither of us knew that the other was single. The night he got back to town him and our friend called me up and wanted to hang out so I went to see them. It was that night that it really began. Our friend decided that he was going to play match maker and from there it was history.

how they asked

We had been dating for nearly three years. We had just bought our first home together in August. He works a camp job at a diamond mine so he is gone at work for two weeks at a time and then home for two weeks. He is usually in camp for christmas so we usually have our christmas at home early, then go to our hometown to have christmas with his family before he goes into work. This year I had told him I wanted a camera which he gave to me at our early christmas. He had fractured his foot at work a few weeks before this and had been on crutches. Once we were back in our hometown we met up with my best friend to go test out my new camera. I wanted to go take pictures with christmas lights as a background. We went and took a few pictures. He had just started putting weight on his foot again so he was leaving his crutches in the truck so that they weren’t in the pictures. I was satisfied that I had gotten all the pictures I wanted. It was -30°C outside and we were all cold so I asked them if we were done but he said no he still wanted a few more. I asked him which other ones he wanted and he told me to turn around. He’s used to having lots of pictures taken of him so I just thought he was going to do a cute pose. It wasn’t until I had been standing with my back turned to him for a few seconds that I actually realized what was happening. I was shocked and so happy. I knew with his sore foot that it would take him a little bit of time to get down on one knee so I tried not to spin around too fast. Once I turned around he was on one knee in the snow with a beautiful ring and my best friend was taking pictures of us. It was all so perfect. I kept asking my best friend if this was really happening. She assured me that it was and reminded me that I still had to say yes. So of course I did and I started crying very happy tears. I was shaking for the next two days.

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